Studio Tour

Recording Rig

Computer: Mac Pro Quad Core with UAD 2 Quad core pcie. 

Converters: Apogee AD16x and DA16x. Apogee Quartet for remote recording.  Apogee Mini DAC

Monitors:  Mackie HR824  and M-AudioBX5A (for reference to home systems)

Mic Preamps: Vintech 473, UA LA-610, UA 6176, Focusrite platinum Voicemaster and Tonefactory, Digimax LT.

Microphones:  AT 4050 (2), Neumann M147, Shure SM 57 (2), Shure SM beta 58 (3)  Rode NTK, AT 4080 (2), Fat Head ribbon (2) AKG 535 (3), Rode NT5 (2), 

Audix fusion series F-15 (2), SM57 (2) SM 58Beta (3), Audix D6, Audix F10 (3) Audix D6, 

Universal Audio plug-ins

Dangerous Music 2-bus LT for analog summing. 


Guitars/basses: Taylor D-410, Yahaha F 310, Cordoba classical guitars (2), Square neck resonator, Chandler Lap steel, 6 string banjo, 5 string banjo, ukelele, Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele, Fender blacktop baritone , Gibson Les Paul studio, Fender 5 string Jazz bass, PRS S2 custom 24, Michael Kelly fretless acoustic bass, Fender acoustic bass, Yamaha Motion electric bass, Ibanez mandolin.

Amplifiers: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Acoustic 30, Amp sims from Soft-tube and Amplitube.  (Assorted effects pedals). 

Drums- Yamaha Stage Custom 5 piece kit, Sabian Cymbals, Pearl sensitone steel snare, Pearl maple piccolo snare, DW 9000 kick pedal, Djembe (14 inch), Udu, Darbuka (3), talking drum, bongos, pandiero, other assorted hand percussion.

Keyboards/Sound Modules/Synths- Yamaha P-90, Roland D-10, M-Audio Oxygen.  Emu Virtuoso 2000, Roland MGS-64, Synthogy Ivory II, Pro Tools 9 Instruments collection.  

© Paul Weisenburger 2014